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Children’s Savings Account (CSA): A deposit‐only savings account held with an additional incentive ledger managed by a Program Custodian for the purpose of accumulating funds dedicated to paying for tuition to the qualifying educational institution and/or additional educational expenses.

Contribution: Funds that are deposited into a CSA. Contributions may be made by the Participant or on the Participant’s behalf in the form of cash, check, money order, by mail or through available channels.

Contribution Disbursement: Funds consisting of all contributions made into a participant program account which are automatically issued by Citibank, with the Program Custodian’s approval, to any participant who meets the graduation date of the program. The funds will disburse to the participant (or to the parent/guardian for the benefit of the participant if the participant is under 18 years of age).

Gift: An unconditional contribution (deposit) given by a third party to a participant and it is deposited into the participant’s program account. GIFT funds go to participant whether the participant goes to a qualifying educational institution or not, even if the participant withdraws from the program – in other words, under any circumstances.

Incentive: Funds which the participant in a CSA program can earn as part of the program and if the Participant completes the program requirements, will be sent to the Participant’s qualifying educational institution in the form of a scholarship.

Incentive Disbursement: Funds sent to the qualifying education institution for a Participant who has completed all of the requirements of a CSA program.

Match Incentive: A type of incentive. An amount equal to or based upon a multiple of the Contributions into a CSA and which can be earned by a Participant pursuant to the terms and conditions of a Program. Matches are conditional and are paid by the CSA Program Custodian.

Participant: The intended beneficiary of a CSA.

Program Custodian: A representative or entity that arranges the opening of a CSA account for the benefit of a Participant and manages the funds for the program.

Program Manager: A representative of the Program Sponsor that manages the CSA Program and is responsible for confirming that all activities comply with the Terms and Conditions of the CSA Program.

Qualifying Event or  Event: A term used to describe when a Participant has met a benchmark in the program. Please check your Program Terms and Conditions for details.

Terms and Conditions: Rules which govern a CSA program.